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YoJay's Yogurt Treats is a Frozen Yogurt Shop in Forest Park, GA

Welcome to YoJay's Yogurt Treats, your first, best destination for a froyo shop, Italian ice shop, and ice cream shop in Forest Park, GA and the surrounding area. With our selection of favorite Italian icegelatos, and ice cream, you will have great tasting and affordable treats available wherever you want them most. We also provide a selection of frozen yogurt, with best toppings available in one convenient location. We welcome all ages, races, genders, and religious affiliation. 

Our frozen yogurt shop provides all kinds of tasty desserts all in one place, ensuring that one simple visit gets you exactly what you want to cool off and satisfy that sweet tooth. We want every customer to have an experience with a treat where the treat is you so that we treat our clients with respect, honor and great customer service. At YoJay's Yogurt Treats, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality Froyo, excellent customer service, clean and family-friendly environment. 

Our froyo shop provides service when and where you want it, ensuring that our customers have access to the delicious yogurt treats and drinks they want when they need them most. We also give 5% of our income back to our local community. Contact YoJay's Yogurt Treats today and we'll make you a comprehensive description of all the services and menu items we offer.

YoJay's Yogurt Treats is a Frozen Yogurt Shop in Forest Park, GA
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What Makes Us Proud

  • Great Selection of Frozen Yogurts and Gelatos
  • Wonderful Customer Service
  • Clean Environment
  • We Give 5% of Our Income Back To Our Local Community

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  • Forest Park, GA